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USA Technologies Files Patent Applications for I-Advertising, E-Commerce Apps

USA Technologies Inc. said that it filed three applications with the U.S. Patent Office for its proprietary technology involving electronic commerce and interactive advertising.

The company also said that it is in the process of developing a hybrid credit card/electronic commerce terminal with Internet advertising capabilities.

"One of our primary goals is to become the preferred method and industry standard for self-serve, public access e-commerce," said George R. Jensen, Jr., chairman and CEO of USA Technologies. "This new technology is intended to allow advertisers and merchants to leverage their strategies for Internet advertising and e-commerce--reaching consumers beyond the Internet."

"In the near future, our touch-screen credit card terminal is intended for locations where consumers would like to pay by credit card for goods, services and/or information in an unattended manner. This would give advertisers access to a targeted, captive audience while they conduct everyday transactions," said Jensen. "In addition, the consumer can respond to the advertisement for additional information on advertised products--even engaging in a purchase."

"We are developing a universal point-of-sale solution whereby companies can utilize the infrastructure of the Internet to run interactive advertisements on a touch-screen credit card terminal. Our technology is intended to give consumers quicker and easier access to goods, services and information while making their routine transactions with their preferred method of payment, credit cards," said Brock Kolls, senior vice president, research and development.

"One application that we are very enthusiastic about is the ability to work with Internet search engines," Kolls added "Our new technology provides search engines with the opportunity to export their advertising content off of the Internet into mainstream points of commerce, such as the vending industry."

The new technology will be packaged with the company's proprietary technology, TransAct, a network controlled, unattended credit card terminal capable of processing unattended credit card-transactions as low as $1 cost- effectively.

Examples include vending machine purchases, mass transit or taxi fares and movie tickets, the company said. While consumers make these routine purchases they will be exposed to the interactive advertising and electronic commerce applications via a color touch-screen located on the host equipment.

The TransAct technology is currently being implemented in USA's Public PC, as well as MBE Business Express--a joint venture product with Mail Boxes Etc. Activated with a credit card utilizing TransAct, MBE Business Express is described as a self-serve, automated business center, allowing the use of a computer, the Internet, a photocopier, printer and fax machine 24-hours per day.