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Who's Who on FAST Forward Steering Committee

The newly formed 15 member FAST Forward Steering Committee includes ANA's Senior Vice President Robin Webster, AAAA's Executive Vice President Mike Donahue, and ARF's President and CEO Jim Spaeth.

The group also includes publisher representatives Susan Bratton of the @Home Network, Rick Boyce of Wired Digital, Molly Ford from America Online and Richy Glassberg of Turner Interactive.

Advertisers will be represented by Procter & Gamble's Mike Wege, while Lynn Bolger of APL Digital and Norman Lehoullier of Grey Interactive will represent ad agencies.

An additional advertiser, two technology enablers as well as a "consumer" representative will be named shortly to complete the committee.

Each participating organization will report the committee's progress at regularly scheduled IAB, ANA, AAAA and ARF membership meetings, with a full report on the committee's progress and accomplishments scheduled to be presented by the summer of 1999.

"All of our organizations have been working hard, each in our own areas, and in combination where our interests converge, to help our memberships move the business forward," said the new group's chairman, Rich LeFurgy. "It is entirely appropriate at this time, when we have come together as an industry at the FAST Summit, for us to share what has been effective online marketing today, and to work together to make it even more impactful and successful in the years ahead. The committee's balanced nature, representing all segments of the industry, assures our focus on issues from an industry-wide perspective."

CASIE, the Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment, was founded in May 1994 by ANA (Association of National Advertisers Inc.) and AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies) to create an environment where consumers have the broadest possible array of media options at the lowest possible cost. The initial focus was on interactive TV, interactive kiosks and CD-ROMs. When the World Wide Web developed, the focus switched to the Internet. As other new interactive media develop, they also will fall under the umbrella of CASIE.

The ANA is dedicated to serving the interests of corporations that advertise regionally and nationally. The association's membership is a cross-section of American industry. Representing more than 7,500 separate advertising entities, ANA members spend over $100 billion annually on marketing and advertising.

The AAAA is the national trade organization representing the advertising agency business. It is a management- oriented organization, offering its members information on the operation of advertising agencies, encompassing management, media, print and broadcast production, secondary research on advertising and marketing, international advertising and more.

The Advertising Research Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering scientific practices and encouraging research in advertising and marketing. It's membership includes advertisers, advertising agencies, advertising media, universities, professional schools and research organizations.

Founded in 1996, the IAB is one of the leading online advertising associations with more than 300 active members.