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Accipiter Offers Management Support for Streaming Video Ads

Accipiter Inc. said that Accipiter AdManager now offers an advanced level of integration with Microsoft NetShow, allowing Web sites to deliver, target, and produce real time reports on streaming video ads.

XOOM Inc., a community site and publisher of royalty-free Web clips, animation, sounds, images and other rich media, will be the first AdManager driven site to take advantage of these capabilities, Accipiter said.

Microsoft and Accipiter worked together to test and verify the video serving and reporting capabilities.

"Accipiter support for NetShow further enables Microsoft to deliver a best-of-breed streaming media solution," said Anthony Bay, general manager, Internet Services Business Unit, at Microsoft. "By serving, tracking, and reporting streaming video ads within NetShow, Accipiter offers NetShow users the opportunity to increase their online advertising options by presenting streaming video ads to their advertisers."

Accipiter said it has seen an evolution of sites wishing to serve rich media type ads such as InterVU V-banners, Narrative Enliven, Macromedia Shockwave and HTML ads.