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Tripod Hosts Parable's ThingSearch

Parable, an Internet multimedia company, said it has signed an agreement by which Tripod will host a co-branded ThingSearch on its community Web site.

ThingSearch is a service that allows for the hosting of Parable's searchable ThingWorld database of rich interactive multimedia "Things."

With ThingSearch, Tripod page builders will be able to search for, use and pass along branded and general multimedia Things for their personal Web pages.

Tripod and Parable said they will share ad revenue from banner ads targeted to individual content areas of the ThingSearch database. In addition, Tripod will sell Parable's easy-to-use authoring tool, ThingMaker, to its personal publishing community.

Parable recently announced a similar relationship with Lycos, parent company of Tripod. The Lycos branded ThingSearch is accessible through keyword searches and publishing content areas available at the portal site.

Parable is part of the CMG@Venture portfolio of companies that also includes blaxxun, GeoCities, Hollywood Entertainment, KOZ, Lycos, Planet Direct, Silknet, Softway Systems, Universal Learning Technologies and Vicinity.