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Ch7Europe.com Launched

Mercury Seven Inc., parent of ChannelSeven.com, an online resource for Internet development, marketing and e-commerce, and WebService Group of Copenhagen, Denmark, launched Ch7Europe.com.

The site will be devoted to the familiar ChannelSeven topics with a European focus.

"With 14 million users, Western Europe currently accounts for 18.4% of the worldwide Internet audience, and it is currently experiencing the hyper-growth of Internet services that the U.S. experienced last year," said Mara Lipacis, editor-in-chief of ChannelSeven.com.

"Europeans and U.S.-based multinationals have been asking us to provide greater coverage of the emerging European market. We decided that the best coverage would come from European professionals themselves. Ch7Europe.com will provide editorial from European-based agencies and professionals that is of interest and value to the global Internet community."

Correspondent Agencies for Ch7Europe.com include: Kabel New Media GmbH, Hamburg, Germany; NetlinQ Groep, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Web Concept S.A., Paris, France; Area Internet Publicidad, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Reset, London, U.K.; Werbal, Bern, Switzerland; TMP, Copenhagen, Denmark; Suxess, Vienna, Austia; MediaCom, Copenhagen, Denmark; BrandMedia, Madrid, Spain; InterAd, London, U.K.; and Europemedia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Advertising sales support will be provided by ChannelSeven.com in the U.S. and the WebService Group Denmark in Europe.

"For the past year we watched and learned from the U.S. industry, largely by reading ChannelSeven.com," said Andrei Puhov, CEO of the WebService Group and the Editor of Ch7Europe.com. "Now we have something to say. By drawing upon our collective experiences and expertise, we can drive this industry forward, rapidly."

Ch7Europe.com will be teaming with eMarketer.comto research and fully analyze the European Internet industry. Ch7Europe.com and eMarketer.com said they plan to release a study of the European Internet industry in early 1999.

In addition to the online network, ChannelSeven.com serves its core audience with printed publications, special industry events, a speakers bureau, and subscription-based e-mail newsletters. The network includes ChannelSeven.com, TurboAds.com, Ad-Guide.com, NewsBeat, Spotlight, Ad/Insight, eMarketer.com, the ChannelSeven Narrowcast Newsletter, and the eMarketer.com Newsletter.