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AdKnowledge, ChannelSeven.Com Launch Rich Media List

AdKnowledge and ChannelSeven.com launched Turbo List, a free media planning directory of Web sites made to accept Rich Media Advertising formats.

"Having just participated in Procter & Gamble's FAST Summit, I can tell you that the major consumer brands will be quickly adopting rich media advertising formats," said Mara Lipacis, editor-in-chief of ChannelSeven.com. "Media planners need a one-stop resource for information about which Web sites accept Rich Media ads."

Turbo List already provides information on 524 Web sites.

The information provided by Turbo List comes from the Planner module of the AdKnowledge System, which is designed to automate the Web advertising process and is aimed at improving ROI. Media planners using Turbo List can click through to individual Web sites for specific site information or they can link to AdKnowledge for a full suite of information and services, the company said.

"The major brands are telling us, 'Look, we will spend a lot more of our marketing budgets on the Internet if Web media can provide us with better audience information and the creative impact of rich media ad formats,'" said John Mracek, vice president of marketing for AdKnowledge. "Turbo List is a great starting point for media planners looking to place rich media ads. . . "

Turbo List currently provides media placement options for the following formats of rich media ads: Narrative Communications' Enliven, Pull Down HTML Forms, Java, Java Script, Macromedia Shockwave, InterVu Network's V-Banners, Active Ads and VRML.

The ChannelSeven.com Rich Media Report Card shows that:

  • 459 sites accept HTML banners
  • 451 accept Java ads
  • 246 accept Macromedia Shockwave ads
  • 172 accept JavaScript ads
  • 170 accept Enliven ads
  • 103 accept V-banners (video banners)
  • Only 53 accept VRML ads

To be listed, Web site publishers can provide their information directly through AdKnowledge Connection.

Bob Risse, publisher of the ChannelSeven.com Net Alliance, said the Rich Media Report Card will be updated monthly.