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GeoCities Debuts Gadget Ad Server

Community portal GeoCities is rolling out a new ad serving delivery system, The Gadget Factory, aimed at boosting click-through rates to advertiser Web sites.

The new ad delivery system announced Thursday will enable GeoCities members to add free, interactive theme Gadgets to their home pages. Gadgets are interactive, entertaining and functional applications, such a working slot machine, a stock ticker window, a love compatibility meter or a birthday or wedding countdown device.

The homesteading company said the Gadgets are designed and customized to provide the hook and inducement for the Web page visitor to click through to the advertiser Web site. For the advertiser, the company said the Gadgets provide a unique gateway for driving strong click-through rates to their Web sites. The Gadget Factory, according to GeoCities, is the first ad delivery system of its kind on the Web positioned to re-define how companies target and increase consumer traffic to their online businesses.

The Gadgets can be copied from existing Web pages and e-mailed to others and are not limited to appearing on GeoCities' member Web pages. In addition, GeoCities said the system offers unlimited impressions potential, in that there are no limits on the number of Gadgets adopted by personal Web page publishers based on their advertiser contract.

Current advertisers participating in the Gadget program include: APB Online, Delta3.com, HeadHunter.net, Mortgage.com, NetWords, Real Names, Riverbelle Casino, Stockmaster.com and Women.com.

"There is tremendous value in having individual Web page publishers choose to showcase an advertiser's Gadget on their home page," said Thomas R. Evans, GeoCities president and chief executive officer.

"It really provides advertisers with an innovative approach to engaging consumers and hooking them directly into their Web sites. I think we'll see lots of advertisers adopt this new form of advertising as these interactive Gadgets multiply across the Web," Evans said.