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Web Addresses Used in 19% of TV Commercials, Study Finds

If you think you're seeing more and more Web site addresses in television commercials, it's because you are.

Nineteen percent of television commercials contain a World Wide Web address, according to a new study of TV advertising by Response Marketing Group. Twenty-four percent of television commercials contain a toll-free number, and of them, 91% use the 800 prefix.

Overall, 37% of commercials feature either a toll-free number or an Internet address, or both. "Television advertisers know the value of direct response," said David Greenhaus, president of Response. "After seeing a commercial, consumers may be ready to learn more or to buy immediately. Without a direct response mechanism, they have no way of acting on their impulse."

The Response study, entitled Toll-free Numbers in Television Advertising, monitored seven networks for over a month, analyzing nearly 5,000 commercials airing during 170 hours of evening, news, sports, and morning programming.

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