RealTime IT News Launches Rich Media Campaign

Laguna Niguel, CA-based launched a rich media campaign for targeting both Internet advertisers and advertising agencies. is a provider of interactive, multimedia Internet advertising, offering what it calls eCommercials.

"In this initial eCommercial campaign over the Internet, we will be reaching one of our target markets with a multimedia message combining both audio and video, framed within a mini-Web page that allows consumers to instantly access more information," said Nathan Schulhof, president and chief executive officer of "We believe that this represents the next generation of Internet advertising technology." will utilize its proprietary technology to produce the interactive asynchronous marketing messages it calls eCommercials, highly compressed multimedia files that consist of several data types including video, audio, still images, text tickers, graphics, animation and Web hyperlinks. Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.

eCommercials are delivered as an e-mail attachment or a Web page download via the eCommNetwork,'s global array of high-speed servers. has built a large library of free audio content and can be accessed at.

"The goal of the campaign is to inform advertisers and their agencies about audiohighway's unique and very popular free audio content and the opportunity to place radio-style advertisements," said Steve Gormley, director of sales at