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PrivaSeek Establishes Java Privacy Forum for Developers

Louisville, CO-based consumer privacy firm PrivaSeek Inc. has established an open forum for developers called the Java Privacy Framework (JPF), aimed at creating application programming interfaces (APIs) and specifications for online privacy.

"JPF's goal is to encourage developers interested in privacy applications collectively to create a useful range of privacy APIs," said Greg Pasquariello, chief technology officer of PrivaSeek. "As the Internet extends into areas such as smart card systems, automated teller machines, and cable TV, we need to work collectively to ensure that a standard exists that is not only compatible with all of these systems, but also protects the consumer when they travel between these systems and beyond."

The Java Privacy Framework will develop standard Java programming interfaces for all privacy-aware applications and define back-end service provider interfaces. Programming interfaces will be made publicly available, and design and development of the JPF will be an open process, the company said.

JPF will be portable to all Java platforms and will support all major privacy standards including, but not limited to P3P, OPS, etc. and ancillary standards such as XML, HTTP and HTTPS.

Founded in 1998, PrivaSeek, of interest to online marketers struggling with privacy issues, calls itself a "consumer infomediary" dedicated to establishing a new global consumer-centric marketplace. With PrivaSeek, the individual, not the corporation, is in control of how, what, where and when personal information is shared, the company says. The startup has received $14 million in equity capital.