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AdForce, Euroserve Launch Ad-Serving Data Center in Frankfurt

Ad management service company AdForce said that its European partners, Euroserve Media GmbH and ADTECH Advertising Service GmbH, launched a centralized pan-European ad-serving data center.

The new data center, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is based on AdForce's proprietary centralized ad management technology and was modeled after AdForce's primary data center in Costa Mesa, CA.

The AdForce/Euroserve partnership allows both European and U.S.-based Web sites and advertisers to more effectively reach European users and deliver pan-European ad campaigns quickly and efficiently, the company said.

The Frankfurt data center is managed by ADTECH and has multiple ultra high- speed connections to the European Internet backbone.

Advertisers now have the opportunity to market to European users in their local language using AdForce technology to deliver pan-European campaigns, segmented by country. While ADTECH is handling the technical aspects of European ad serving and sales into the German market, Euroserve said it is providing the marketing and sales functions.

"By adding substantial capacity to serve ads from Europe to European users, we are demonstrating our global commitment to the centralized ad-serving market," said Chuck Berger, chairman and CEO of AdForce.

"We are extremely pleased to have teamed up with AdForce, which is providing us with the technology needed to be the premier ad-serving firm in Europe," said Ulrich Schmidt, CEO of Euroserve. "We believe that Web sites and advertisers will be attracted to our ability to help them localize advertising for the rapidly growing number of Internet users throughout Europe."

Founded in 1994 as IMGIS Inc., AdForce said it now delivers more than one billion ads monthly for customers including GeoCities, Magnet Interactive, Modem Media.Poppe Tyson, Netscape and 2Can Media. Euroserve is an Internet marketing and advertising organization based in Nuremberg, Germany, with offices throughout Europe.