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Cyberian Outpost Launches New TV, Radio Ads

Kent, CT-based online computer goods retailer Cyberian Outpost Inc. began the second phase of its brand building campaign with a new series of radio and television commercials.

The company said it is continuing to target the sophisticated computer retail market with "breakthrough creative." Spoofing the sci-fi thriller movies of the 50s, the new advertisements take a humorous/promotional look at the company's customer service and new, free overnight shipping.

Television commercials will be broadcast on national cable, as well as local affiliates in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Spending was not disclosed. The New York advertising firm of Cliff Freeman & Partners produced the commercials, featuring the new tagline: "Hardware. Software. Answers."

"In a market that is as competitive as ours, it is essential to make a strong impression among consumers," said Darryl Peck, president and chief executive officer of Cyberian Outpost. "Our breakthrough creative advertising and innovative approach to customer service has effectively set Outpost.com apart from its competitors."