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MRA Becomes Marketing.comm

MRA, a $55 million advertising agency in Overland Park, KS, said it is changing its name to Marketing.comm to reflect the company's growing commitment to bring technology-powered marketing to business clients.

"We wanted a high-tech name to signal our shift in direction to technology marketing," said Frank Weyforth, Marketing.comm president and CEO. "We've always focused on helping our clients get and keep the right customers. Now we're using technology to do that job faster and better than ever before."

Marketing.comm specializes in helping clients acquire an in-depth understanding of their customers and prospects. Then the agency builds databases with that information to create highly targeted, customized communications programs.

The agency also develops custom Web sites, marketing application software and database direct marketing, in addition to providing advertising, public relations, media planning and market research services.

In February, the agency acquired Deepwater Interactive, a local provider of multimedia technology designed for business. That acquisition added 10 Internet, multimedia and database marketing experts to the agency's base of experience in creative, technology, public relations and marketing talent.

New clients since the acquisition include VISA, for which the agency is creating a commerce Web site selling licensed products in partnership with Tandem Corp. for the Sydney Olympics, and Zurich Personal Insurance, Lexus and two New York-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield Associations.

"Acquiring Deepwater was the turning point for our agency," said Jeff Morris, Marketing.comm senior vice president. "Now we have a whole new arsenal of technology-powered marketing tools we can employ for our clients in addition to the more traditional marketing communications counsel and implementation we have always provided."