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Sony Pictures to Run ICS AdBroadcaster Commercials

Internet Commercial Systems Inc. (ICSI) said Sony Pictures is set to begin broadcasting full-screen commercials for new movie releases into Comedy Central's Web site in early November.

The commercial broadcasts will use Santa Ana, CA-based ICSI's AdBroadcaster, a patent-pending system that has been in development for three years, to deliver full-screen, television-like ads to Web sites. Spending by Sony was not disclosed.

"Lack of a full-screen broadcast-style medium on the Internet has denied the majors an opportunity to market to millions of viewers, users on the 'Net until now," said Curt Hutten, ICSI president.

"At long last a modern Internet advertising model is available to large companies that prefer institutional style ads to enhance brand image, an ongoing challenge," he said. "With the IC Systems full-screen, broadcast-style ads, the Internet as a medium is put on a par with television and print ads." In fact, Amon said, advertisers now have the ability to coordinate ad campaigns between television and the Internet or vice versa.

Tom Amon, ICSI's CEO and founder, is a "career ad-man" who felt years ago that banner advertising would never fully deliver the Internet's full capabilities for advertisers, the company said.

A demo is available here, the company said, although the site was unreachable when tried yesterday.