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DoubleClick Launches New Marketing Solutions

DoubleClick Inc. launched DoubleClick "Closed-Loop Marketing Solutions," a suite of products designed to give advertisers and agencies real-time, in-depth control of delivery, measurement and analysis of their campaigns.

The product suite includes DoubleClick DART, now being privately labeled for advertisers, and two new products: DoubleClick DataBank and DoubleClick Boomerang.

DoubleClick said that using the new products, advertisers will have the ability to change creative, targeting, criteria, frequency and other marketplace variables in real-time.

The new solutions allow advertisers to deliver ads, measure and analyze results and adapt future advertising to increase effectiveness, the company said.

Said Kevin O'Connor, chairman and chief executive officer of DoubleClick: "DoubleClick Closed- Loop Marketing Solutions provides a standard for building relationships between brands and consumers online, and facilitates the return-on-investment that advertisers have been craving from their marketing strategies."

DoubleClick's newest products are available for stand-alone application or as part of the Closed-Loop package. DART for Advertisers, combined with the power of DataBank and Boomerang, delivers the first online advertising solution that can re-target interested consumers and bring them back to a marketer's site while protecting their privacy, the company said.

DART (Dynamic Ad Reporting and Targeting) gives advertisers and agencies the ability to target, deliver and report campaigns across any site on the Web. DART currently delivers more than 3 billion ads a month on more than 2,900 sites, according to the company.

DataBank is a data mining tool that allows advertisers to analyze and evaluate marketing campaigns. DataBank's "knowledge discovery" mechanism allows advertisers to uncover patterns and correlations between ad campaigns and a customer's activity. For example, an advertiser can ascertain the impact of ad frequency on online purchasing patterns.

Boomerang is a one-to-one targeting solution for advertisers that allows marketers to identify users who have come to their sites and then re-target those consumers on DoubleClick's Network, which currently reaches 40 million unique users per month.