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Conducent, go2net to sell 'Beyond Banner' Ads in Financial Software

Conducent Technologies Inc., which just changed its name from Timesink Communications, said it agreed to work with go2net Inc. to sell advertising in financial software applications enabled with Conducent's AdGateway technology.

AdGateway is designed to enable advertisers to deliver banner ads before, during and after a given PC application is used. If the user clicks on the banner ad, they are delivered to the advertiser's Web site.

As part of the arrangement, go2net agreed to distribute AdGateway-enabled software titles from its finance sites Silicon Investor and StockSite. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"For the first time, advertisers will be able to communicate directly with PC users while they are using financial software applications," said Russell Horowitz, go2net CEO. "It is clearly a highly targeted way to get a marketing message to this valuable demographic."

"This partnership coupled with Conducent's technologies will propel advertisers 'Beyond the Browser,'" said Edwin Miller, Conducent's vice president for marketing. "Conducent and its partners have agreed to integrate the company's AdGateway advertising solutions with a number of widely distributed software applications."

Why the name change? "Conducent's AdGateway service enhances revenue and distribution opportunities for software developers and distributors alike," said Miller. "We believe our service is conducive to their success; the technology allows developers to morph their current product offerings into something like a dynamic magazine allowing new revenue streams and new channels of communication between users and the developers."

The new advertising model will be available on software produced by DTLink Software, NeuroStock, Wheatworks Software, Pine Grove Software, Alley Cat Software, Insight Software Solutions Inc., NAConsulting, Financial Technologies, JVM Inc. and Torrid Technologies.

go2net offers a network of technology and community-driven Web sites in categories such as personal finance, search, commerce, games and shopping.