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Prodigy Launches National Brand Advertising Campaign

Here's a switch. Prodigy Communications Corp. launched a new national brand television campaign urging folks to "spend less time online and more time on life."

In the two television commercials created by TBWA/Chiat/Day in New York, consumers are treated to both a romantic encounter and a small business office celebration that take place beyond the computer desktop.

The commercials portray a "life-in-reverse" sequence of events. Each ad begins with an event that has been triggered from information received through Prodigy. Consumers are then taken on a backwards journey as the film is reversed to where the information is first received on Prodigy.

Prodigy said it believes that an important segment of Internet users is more interested in using the Internet as a productivity tool than for entertainment. The commercials are designed to appeal to this segment and follow TV and radio advertising that debuted a year ago that featured Prodigy Internet as "Prodigy Internet. It's a tool for living"

The television spots will air on national cable television (A&E, The Discovery Channel, CNN, Headline News, ESPN, ESPN2, The Learning Channel) through Dec. 15. Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.