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GM, Toyota, Acura Select @Home for Rich-Media Ads

The cable-access ISP @Home Network said that General Motors, Toyota and Acura, have selected @Home to test drive their rich media Internet advertising campaigns.

@Home said its high-bandwidth, high-speed network allows advertisers to incorporate quality video, near CD-quality audio, in-depth information and a high degree of interactivity into their ads. Rich media advertisements can integrate broadcast video clips into the @Home ad space and can provide a point-of-purchase mechanism.

Within the ads, consumers will be able to choose the color of their car, request a video or brochure, enter their phone number to be connected directly to their local automotive dealer or set up an appointment to test drive a vehicle.

"The automotive industry recognizes the power of interactive advertising," said Susan Bratton, director of advertising for @Home. "@Home's broadband Internet connectivity lets them combine rich product information, the emotional impact of video and the transactional capability of e-commerce all in a single, robust ad."

General Motors chose Buick, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile as the first to participate in the broadband advertising program. The Toyota ad includes a photo gallery with a camera that allows users to choose from a variety of views of the 1999 Camry Solara. Users are also able to request a video or a brochure of the Solara, which will allow Toyota to generate sales leads. Last quarter Acura placed B*box brand advertising in the @Home service. Now the company will spotlight the new Acura TL. Spending was not disclosed.