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The Web Ad Always Rings Twice, Part I

TelePost Inc. in Santa Cruz, CA, a provider of advanced Web-based communications services, launched TelePost RingMeNow, calling it "the first direct phone response capability for Web sites and banner ads."

Well, it may not be the first (see story below), but by typing a telephone number into a RingMeNow field, anyone with Web access and a telephone can request a toll-free callback immediately, or at a specified later time.

RingMeNow-capable banners become dynamic interactive ads offering an immediate callback opportunity to Web-based prospects, the company said, adding that the technology enhances e-commerce by bringing Web users into a closer relationship with online merchants.

"RingMeNow is perfect for companies looking to increase e-commerce sales and build customer relationships," said TelePost CEO Steve Cherry. "RingMeNow adds a personal touch to any Web site or banner ad--instantly connecting site visitors to a sales desk or a call center."

A personal version of RingMeNow is available in TelePost Office 2000, the company's new suite of Web-based communications services. Hosted on TelePost's RingMeNow site, and available in November, the personal version allows individuals to choose from one of four electronic business cards.

A RingMeNow user's e-mail signature includes a URL directing friends and customers to the chosen business card, which is a pre-published call-enabled page. Any e-mail recipient can then place an immediate or scheduled callback request to the sender. A second phone line is not necessary, the company said.

Pricing starts at $9.95 per month. Prepaid plans from $19.95 to $99.95 monthly bring per minute charges as low as $0.10/minute. To the Web user initiating the call, RingMeNow is free. Free demonstrations of RingMeNow are available at the company's Web site. Revenue-sharing reseller and development opportunities are also available