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Andromedia Merges With LikeMinds

Andromedia Inc. said it will merge with LikeMinds, an Internet personalization company and owner of patented predictive modeling technology.

The merged company (both partners are based in San Francisco) will provide "Smart e-Marketing" software for e-commerce sites that increases revenue and builds customer loyalty by personalizing Web marketing for each individual.

The new combined enterprise will retain the Andromedia name; LikeMinds will become the joint company's trademark for a distinguished suite of personalization and target marketing products. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The "Smart e-Marketing" software increases a Web site's marketing IQ by recording what customers do, learning what they like, delivering what they want, and reporting results in real-time, Andromedia said.

"The merger of Andromedia and LikeMinds redefines Web site activity analysis and personalization," said Kent Godfrey, Andromedia CEO. "It turns our market- leading observation and analysis platform, ARIA, into an indispensable 7 platform that will drive e-commerce."

"The marriage of Andromedia and LikeMinds provides marketing professionals with the ultimate marketing solution," said Steve Kanzler, LikeMinds president and CEO. "It takes Web visitor behavior data and turns it into marketing insights and automated programs that can drive revenue and increase profits. It's smart, real-time and proactive. And our solution is not a black box -- it reports back understandable, relevant marketing intelligence7"

Andromedia is a supplier of real-time activity reporting and analysis solutions. LikeMinds' patented predictive modeling technology analyzes customer behavior in real-time and enables marketers to efficiently and accurately personalize customer interactions on their Web sites.

Andromedia said its "Smart e-Marketing" solution is channel and media independent, serving the needs of both online and offline marketers using the Web, direct mail, e-mail, telephone, or point-of-sale (POS) terminals as customer touch points.