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Ericsson Launches Network-Based Ad Targeting

Ericsson, a supplier of intelligent network systems, launched "Internet Advertiser," calling it "the industry's first intelligent network application that distributes targeted advertisements" and "guarantees" that advertisements are viewed by Internet users.

Ericsson Network Intelligence unveiled Internet Advertiser, aimed at ISPs, at Internet World '98 in New York, including a live demo which showed how customized advertisements are presented on the user's PC. End user statistics are continually reported back to the ISP.

With Internet Advertiser, Internet service providers (ISPs) can provide free or low-cost Internet access to subscribers while generating increased revenue from advertisers, Ericsson said. Utilizing the NI-based application, ISPs can control advertisements sent to the Internet user, based on the user's profile, location, time of day and interests.

Internet Advertiser also provides ISPs with a fraud control capability that guarantees advertisements are viewed rather than bypassed by users.

"By incorporating fraud control and data reporting components, Internet Advertiser enable ISPs to provide extremely targeted advertisement capabilities that are unlike any advertising in the marketplace today," said Cynthia Heyn, director of product line at Network Intelligence, Ericsson Network Systems. No word on pricing.