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More Ads = More Unique Users, NetRatings Finds

Does Internet advertising work? Yes, when it comes to growing a unique audience of users, according to NetRatings.

The measurement firm said that analysis of advertising activity for June, July and August shows a strong correlation among sites that consistently advertise on the Web and increasing unique audience size.

For example, Goto.com's audience reach increased 24.9% from June to July and its advertising also grew from 155.76 million impressions in June to 237.6 million impressions in July. Similarly, Microsoft Car Point experienced a 34.3% unique audience growth from June to July, followed by a 10.3% increase in August.

Conversely, Cyberthrills experienced a drop in unique audience visitors - from 2.3 million in June to 1.4 million in July -- which paralleled a drop in banner impressions in the same time period, NetRatings said.

Meanwhile, the top 10 ad banners viewed in September according to NetRatings BannerTrack service were:

  1. Goto.com: Type in what you're looking for
  2. Deja News: Who's your favorite artist
  3. Feed Magazine: You must click here now!
  4. BonusMail: Are you into free stuff
  5. Catalog Link: You don't have to go to great lengths for this seasons' hottest fashions
  6. Verio: Get your own web address
  7. Catalog Link: Free catalogs!
  8. Autoweb.com: Get the best deal now!
  9. Catalog Link: Gift ideas for the love of your life
  10. Deja News: What's your favorite TV show?

Rankings are based on measurement of Web activity by a representative panel of more than 3,500 Internet users 18 years and older who access the Web from home.