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Big Bang Claims 26.8% Average Clickthrough Rate in Test

Big Bang Media, which bills itself as "the next-generation Internet advertising network," said it has concluded its test phase "with an astounding clickthrough rate of 26.8%, sustained over a six-month period."

Clients participating in Big Bang Media's test included Time-Warner, Brookstone, Kahlua, Spree and Fortune City, the company said.

Big Bang Media said it uses a patent-pending database technology employing more than 200 demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent and other targeting criteria. What we saw on the Web site appeared to be an incentive marketing plan, however.

"We're thrilled at the results thus far," said Jay Cole, executive vice president for sales and marketing. "With Big Bang, 1,000 clickthroughs only takes 4,000 impressions and costs $430. With a regular network, it would take 100,000 impressions and cost at least $2,500."

"What's really exciting is that 26.8% is just the average," said Paul Angles, chairman, CEO and creator of Big Bang. "Because we track ad performance by so many criteria, we can zero in on the best audiences and raise clickthrough rates even higher."

Based in Manhattan Beach, CA, Big Bang Media is privately held by its employees and investors.