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National TV Campaign for Go Network Debuts

Sunnyvale, CA-based Infoseek Corp. launched a four-month, multi-million dollar national TV advertising campaign to promote the GO Network.

Through seven television spots and "unparalleled network television frequency," Infoseek said it will communicate the broad range of everyday solutions that GO Network offers consumers, including such tasks as home or car buying, travel planning, and getting directions.

"We have learned through research that consumers know about search on the Internet, but no one is taking this approach of giving meaning to what a 'portal' is and demonstrating to the mass consumer the broad range of what they can do through a site like GO Network." said Harry Motro, president and CEO of Infoseek.

"By communicating clearly and using a sheer volume of network media, we're confident our message to consumers will be heard."

The campaign pairs two of the seven 15-second spots to give consumers a broad sampling of what they can do using GO Network. The tagline is "Before You Go Here, Go Here," emphasizing that consumers can take matters into their own hands and do almost anything using GO Network. Agency details were not disclosed.

Infoseek is the home of GO Network, which claims more than 12 million registered users. GO Network was launched in January by Infoseek in partnership with The Walt Disney Co. It is the home of brands such as ABCNEWS.com for news, ESPN.com for sports, Disney.com and Family.com for kids and family, Infoseek for search, and Disney.com and ABC.com for entertainment.