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B2BWorks Signs to Use AdForce Technology

Cupertino, CA-based online ad management service AdForce Inc. signed an agreement with B2BWorks, an online advertising network, to provide premium ad management services.

Launched this week, B2BWorks is an online business-to-business advertising network.

B2BWorks said it "delivers more than 110 different online verticals for content, community and commerce and has a captive audience of over 20 million business executives."

AdForce will provide the technology backbone for B2BWorks, enabling targeted ad campaigns and real-time click-through analysis. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"B2BWorks selected AdForce because it is the leader in online advertising management and because it does not sell ads itself. AdForce's neutrality differentiates them from their competitors and makes us feel comfortable about the safety of our data," said Bill Furlong, CEO of B2BWorks. "With AdForce's support, B2BWorks will offer the first true business-to-business network, connecting business advertisers with their vertical markets."

B2BWorks business-content Web sites ranging from aviation to real estate and telephones to golf. Slack Barshinger & Partners, an established Chicago-based integrated marketing communications agency specializing in business-to-business work, is a partner with and investor in B2BWorks.