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Ameritrade Holding, TheStreet.com Partner

Ameritrade Holding Corp. signed a partnership agreement with TheStreet.com, an online financial publication targeting investors.

Ameritrade said it will continue its "8 bucks" (per trade) advertising campaign and promote its online brokerage services in TheStreet.com's new Trading Room section through a hot link to the Ameritrade site, where customers can open new accounts, place trades in an existing account, access account information, and review their portfolios.

As a charter Trading Room partner, Ameritrade said it will also be featured prominently in TheStreet.com's sponsor page and will work closely with TheStreet.com in co-marketing initiatives. Financial arrangements were not discussed.

"We expect this agreement to enhance our customer base and increase market share in concert with our ongoing advertising support. Our experience with other online companies and Web sites such as Infoseek, Excite, Intuit, and America Online . . . has been quite positive and we will continue to explore channels to generate new accounts and increase account activity," said J. Joe Ricketts, chairman and chief executive officer of Ameritrade Holding.

Ameritrade Holding provides discount brokerage, securities clearing, and financial services to the independent investing public and to other financial institutions. Its subsidiary firms include Accutrade, Inc. and Ameritrade Inc., both retail discount brokerage firms; Advanced Clearing Inc., providing securities clearing and other financial services; and AmeriVest Inc., offering discount brokerage to financial institutions.