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Flycast Launches ValueTrak Event Tracking Solution

Flycast Communications Corp. formally introduced ValueTrak, a solution "for tracking and maximizing the lifetime value of Web advertising campaigns."

ValueTrak automates the complete marketing cycle from customer acquisition to point of purchase and "marks the first time advertisers can use behavioral information to achieve a higher return on investment in their campaigns," Flycast said.

Twenty-five client companies, including US West, E-Trade, FortuneCity, Prodigy and DVD Express already have seen a decrease of more than 60% in cost per acquisition, Flycast said.

The app not only measures actionable data over a large network of Web sites, but also leverages the company's patented real-time optimization technology to adjust campaigns on the fly.

ValueTrak helps advertisers maximize ROI by using sales conversion data to determine which sites and messages provide the greatest response, allocating ads to those placements in real-time. ValueTrak also helps determine the lifetime value of customers that a campaign generates by tracking both first-time purchases as well as all subsequent interactions with the site.

ValueTrak can track online registrations, measure e-commerce sales, test ad creative and analyze the success of offline (traditional) marketing campaigns.

Flycast has partnered with Pandesic LLC's electronic business solution to provide Pandesic customers with integrated e-commerce and Web advertising capabilities. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"Flycast's focus on delivering cost-effective results for online merchants matches nicely with our mission of enabling companies to establish effective and profitable Web-based businesses," said Jill Schaeffer, director of marketing at Pandesic.

"We have been working with these 25 companies for several months and found it adds significantly to the overall effectiveness of ad campaigns," said Lyn Chitow Oakes, vice president of marketing at San Francisco-based Flycast. "ValueTrak reflects our mission of providing advertisers with solutions that optimize reach, response and results."