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ZDNet Launches 'ZDNet Smart Serving' Ad Program

San Francisco-based ZDNet launched "ZDNet Smart Serving," a new Web advertising program that enables advertisers to target their campaigns to ZDNet visitors who fall within distinct geographic and demographic categories.

Initial advertisers using the program include Bell Atlantic and Evineyard.

ZDNet Smart Serving lets advertisers direct their campaigns to pinpointed segments of ZDNet's online community of 8 million technology-interested visitors, the company said.

"The highly regulated nature of our business requires that we handle wine sales with each state differently," said Michael Osborn, proprietor and executive vice president of Evineyard. "Geographic targeting enables us to maximize the value of our ad dollars, while upholding industry regulations."

The geographic and demographic targeting comes in addition to ZDNet's content-specific placements.

"Now, our advertisers can choose between content targeting when they want to be in the right editorial environment for their messaging, ZDNet Smart Serving when they need to send tailored messages to a specific demographic, or some combination of both when they want to maximize their efficiency," said Barry Briggs, vice president of advertising sales and marketing for ZDNet.

The ZDNet Smart Serving program lets advertisers select from six target categories, reaching potential customers based on: company size, type of company, state, country, ZIP code and Designated Market Areas (DMA). A proprietary database enables ZDNet to categorize its audience by matching IP-based network affiliation and anonymous user activity data from its own servers with internal demographic databases and a variety of national and third-party databases, the company said.