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GoTo.com Offers Tools Giving More Control to Advertisers

Pasadena, CA-based GoTo.com, a provider of targeted pay-for-performance online advertising, launched a new suite of tools that enables Web sites to take direct control of their online marketing efforts.

The new tools include: a five-minute sign-up process; real-time bid management; the ability to quickly add, modify and delete search terms online; a search term suggestion utility; and daily online activity reports.

The pay-for-placement search engine operation said advertisers now can exercise direct control over traffic, targeting, speed and cost-effectiveness of their campaigns.

Advertisers can control the amount of traffic they receive by proactively managing their search terms and bids, the company said. Advertisers also can fine tune their targeting by precisely selecting search terms and they can sign up in just five minutes, get listed and begin receiving targeted traffic within three days. By paying only for the traffic they want at the price they choose, advertisers can eliminate the risk of spending money without getting traffic.

"With these new tools, advertisers can maintain even more precise control over their search term selection, bids and total amount spent on GoTo. As a result, advertisers manage both the placement of their listings in the GoTo search results and their cost of customer acquisition," said Jeffrey Brewer, CEO of GoTo.com.

In April, GoTo said it generated more than 100 million searches across its network and delivered more than 10 million clickthroughs to advertisers. Advertisers bid on search terms which are relevant to their sites. Each advertiser pays GoTo.com the amount of its bid whenever a consumer clicks on an advertiser's listing in the search results.