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Captivate Introduces New Rich-Media Model

Potlatch, WA-based start-up Captivate Inc. introduced a new rich-media tool called Interactive Marketing Applications (IMAs) for the Internet advertising market.

Captivate said IMAs are interactive, stand-alone applications that are distributed and viewed as e-mail attachments. IMAs have small file sizes and do not require third-party software to be viewed, the company said.

The company already has created an interactive sumo game for The U Zone, a college portal, to promote campus events and drive viewers to the Web site. "This is a hot concept," said Matt Ogden, co-CEO of The U Zone. "With animation, sound, and video capabilities, Captivate offers the creative versatility to use IMAs as branding or direct response tools."

Captivate's tracking capability monitors and reports the number of IMA interactions, click-throughs and length of interactivity. The tracking ability allows Captivate to use a pricing structure that assesses fees on a per-interaction and per-click basis.

"Our approach to marketing is an evolution from banner ads and bulk e-mail," said Clint Schmidt, co-CEO of Captivate. "We couldn't wait to bring this product to market, adding a compelling new tool to the arsenal of today's Web marketer."