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Who Was That Masked Web Site Developer?

Beth Cox

Want to know what designer, developer or interactive agency created a particular Web site? A newly launched, free directory called WhoBuiltIt can tell you.

WhoBuiltIt, with an initial base of 4,500 URLs, is part of Constructors.com (launching simultaneously), a business-to-business market-maker or "cybermediary" service that connects customers with developers to build or upgrade their sites.

The free, searchable Constructors Directory of over 550 vendors combines key data from listed firms plus online research.

Palo Alto, CA-based Constructors Inc. also offers followup matchmaking and handholding services paid by referral fees from signed contracts. Partners include Digital Talent Agency of New York and San Francisco and eLine of San Francisco.

"The wrong Web-builder can sink or stall a project. Constructors shields customers from random choices and can save time, money and grief," said founder Felix Kramer. "This industry needs a watering hole, and over time we aim to provide it."

Other partners include Channelseven.com's ad network, and for technology, Sybase Corp., EeryWare Development (soon to be acquired by Pervasive Software), Lundeen Associates' Web Crossing, Lightbulb Factory Inc. and Summary.net.