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BURST! Offers Sponsored Content to Member Sites

Beth Cox

Online advertising rep firm BURST! launched a new program to bring ad-sponsored branded content and additional revenue streams to its 2000-plus member's Web sites.

By placing the content of the Los Angeles Times Book Review and GOMEZWIRE's "Reluctant Investor" on their sites, selected BURST! members are benefiting from additional sponsorship dollars, while complementing their sites' content, the company said.

"By bringing highly visible, branded content to our members' sites, we are helping them add value for their existing visitors, attract new customers, and increase their ad revenue. It's a win-win-win proposition," said Jarvis Coffin, CEO of BURST!.

The Los Angeles Times Book Review, represented by the LA Times Syndicate, is currently running on many of BURST!'s Current Event and Book Sites. It is sponsored exclusively by Quality Paperback Book Club. Strategic Interactive Group in Boston, MA developed the campaign.

Gomez Advisors packaged its investing tutorial column, "Reluctant Investor," with ad space on many of BURST!'s financial sites. Discover Brokerage is the exclusive sponsor of all GOMEZWIRE "Reluctant Investor" columns running weekly on BURST! sites.