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WebQuest Acquires Banner Exchange Service

Minden, NV-based WebQuest International Inc., creator of the iPONG Game Arcade, acquired Bannerclicks.com, a banner exchange service. Financial terms were not disclosed.

"This acquisition is instrumental to the growth of WebQuest. Controlling a site such as Bannerclicks.com means we can access more markets, generate revenues through advertising and benefit from the stronger presence that results from operating a banner exchange," said Kirk Johnson, CEO of WebQuest.

The company said it will incorporate the banner exchange service into the iPONG Game Arcade. "Current advertisers of the exchange will experience an increase in their exposure due to the rapidly increasing traffic on our site. Our goal is to build a banner exchange that meets the specific needs of its members," Johnson said.

WebQuest said it is now upgrading its system to deliver a more robust ad placement and targeting program.

"We have been building strategic relationships in the past year using our present advertising models such as newsletters, banners and interactive commercial style advertising within our high-traffic iPONG Game Arcade. We will use these existing relationships and models to begin building the banner exchange," Johnson said.