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GM Voices, AdNet International Deliver A Audio-Enabled Ads

GM Voices, a digital audio production company, has teamed with AdNet International to deliver 30-second digital sound files through ActiveBanner audio-enabled ads currently running on Yahoo! and Infoseek.

This marks the first time either Yahoo! or Infoseek has offered audio on banner ads, the company said.

"The ActiveBanner ads allow companies to use both audio and visual elements to strengthen their pitch and project a more complete image to target audiences," said Marcus Graham, president and founder of GM Voices.

Developed by ADNet International, ActiveBanner uses Real Audio to deliver a "radio spot" in conjunction with a typical banner ad. When a viewer clicks on the banner ad's distinctive "click to HEAR" button, the Real Audio player is activated and the 30-second audio file, produced by GM Voices, streams from ADNet's media server.

GM Voices produces ActiveBanner audio files in its digital recording studio to ensure that the quality of the Web-enabled audio is on par with what listeners are accustomed to hearing through other mediums. For international audiences, GM Voices also offers translation services in more than 34 languages and dialects.

"GM Voices' has quite a bit of experience in digital audio production and delivering audio via the Internet," said Patrick Anderson, CEO of ADNet. "We were impressed with GM Voices' scriptwriting capabilities, voice talent selection and technical know-how which enable them to deliver turnkey solutions for our clients."

GM Voices said it is experiencing three times the average clickthrough rate with its ActiveBanner ads that have been running on Yahoo! since Oct. 12. For a demo, click here.

Atlanta-based ADNet International offers a suite of business solutions, including ActiveMarketplace, ActiveBanner and ActiveEdit.