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AllAdvantage.com Schedules Release of Ad-Backed Viewbar

AllAdvantage.com said that the first group of its members has received its ad-backed Viewbar app on a test basis with full-scale rollout scheduled to start the first week of July.

Just two months after launching its "Get Paid to Surf the Web" program, the company said it has surpassed 1.25 million registered members.

Jim Jorgensen, CEO of AllAdvantage.com, said in a press release that operation offers registered members online benefits such as cash rewards, discounts and promotional offers. The Viewbar is a patented communications device that provides users with online information, including targeted ads, while they surf the Internet.

The referral part of the operation has somewhat of a multilevel marketing air about it, and over the past view months we have received a number of e-mails expressing concern about the slow rollout.

The Web site says: "While you are on the Net and the Viewbar is active, AllAdvantage.com will pay you $.50 per hour. Currently we have a 40-hour limit per month ($20). For every person you refer to AllAdvantage.com, we will pay you $.10 for every hour that each of those people is online with the Viewbar active."

The Viewbar accompanies registered members from site to site, providing personalized, real-time information, while maintaining the member's privacy and control, the company said. Advertisers are able to utilize the Viewbar to direct their messages to members by a number of criteria such as geography, gender or site content.