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Incentive-based Ad Window Service Launches

MileNet Inc., a new online network, launched MileNet, a free program that rewards user attention to window ads with frequent flyer miles.

MileNet awards users free MileNet points, redeemable for frequent flyer miles, for every second they are connected to the Internet. By sending the program to friends, users increase their earning rate and create a community of connections called a MileNet tree, the company said. Users' trees are shown graphically.

"Our team has worked hard to create a fun online environment for converting attention directly to mileage in real time," said Zen Ohashi, co-founder and CEO of MileNet.

MileNet is a free download for Windows95 that operates independently of a browser. Users begin earning MileNet points immediately upon installation and every second they are connected to the Internet provided that the MileNet advertising window is not obscured.

Current airline partners include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines.

"Not only does [MileNet] create a channel for directly rewarding people's attention, but it does so in proportion to their ability to spread the word to others," said MileNet chairman Andy Raskin.