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Approximately 53.5 million U.S. adults or 27% of the adult population currently use the Internet, according to the Fall 1998 Cyber Stats report from Mediamark Research Inc.

Now that's beginning to sound like a market!

The previous Cyber Stats report, issued in May of 1998, showed that 43.6 million adults had used the Internet in an average 30-day period. This means that regular Internet usage increased by 23% between the two Cyber Stats reporting periods.

Some 72 million American adults have access to the Internet, according to the report, up 16% from the number who had access during the previous reporting period.

Founded in 1979, Mediamark Research Inc. is a provider of multimedia audience research data to advertisers, agencies, magazines and other clients.

Key findings of the latest report include:

  • The number of adults with access to the Internet represents 37% of the U.S. adult (age 18+) population, or some 72 million people.

  • At-home usage of the Internet had trailed the workplace until two years ago. Now at-home usage exceeds the workplace by 28%. Some 35.3 million people are estimated to have accessed the Net from home versus 25.5 million from work.

  • Men still use the Internet more than women (52.5% vs. 47.5%), but the growth rate of women users has been steadily rising while male use has been declining since 1995.

    The complete Fall 1998 Cyber Stats report contains extensive data on Internet and online usage by age, census region, education, income, marital status, occupation and household size. To obtain a copy, contact Steve Ellwanger, Mediasteve Inc., at 203-291-6986.