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ValueClick Doubles Revenue Stream To Publishers

Cost-per-click ad network ValueClick introduced a new pay-out structure that doubles the rates it pays to Web publishers who host ad banners for network advertisers.

Previously, ValueClick paid publishers on a sliding scale ranging from $0.06 to $0.12, based on the quantity of unique visitor clickthroughs per day from ad banners they hosted. ValueClick's new rate structure offers pay outs starting at $0.12 per click-through and climbing to $0.16 or more for high volume publishers.

ValueClick said it was able to double the revenue it pays to publishers because of the success of its performance-based cost-per-click model.

"ValueClick has always provided an online advertising solution that gives publishers the full benefit for all of their available banner space," said Brian Coryat, founder and CEO of ValueClick. "Our cost-per-click model has gained tremendous results, and we're pleased to be able to pass on additional profits to our publishers."

The ValueClick Network currently has more than 8,000 publishers. ValueClick also simplified its rate structure by categorizing Web publishers into three levels, allowing sites with heavier traffic to earn even more. The three standard rate bases are:

  • Affiliate: $0.12 per clickthrough
  • Premium: $0.15 per clickthrough
  • AD/VANTAGE: $0.16 and up per clickthrough

ValueClick said it has sold-out its entire inventory every month since its inception and now serves 5.5 million ad impressions per day.