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Media Synergy Offers Large-Scale E-Mail Campaign Solution

Media Synergy, a provider of multimedia messaging solutions, is launching @loha @ctiveMail, calling it "a complete direct online marketing solution" for large-scale targeted campaigns.

The company said @loha @ctiveMail allows businesses to create and execute large-scale targeted e-mail campaigns, then identify and track recipients, using the three key features found in all of its @ctive Email products: multimedia content creation, delivery and playback engine technology, and specialized tracking and reporting.

@ctiveMail is part of Media Synergy's new direct online marketing solutions series, which also includes @ctiveLeads, an e-mail lead generation solution.

@ctiveMail begins by transforming animation, sound, graphics and music into a multimedia message called an @ctive Email.

"[The product] uses automated e-mail management and delivery features to send personalized messages, based on user information profiles stored in the database," said Linda Hazzan, vice president of marketing at Media-Synergy. "@ctiveMail also deploys specialized tracking features and real-time Web-based reporting for immediate feedback on campaign results."

Anyone with e-mail that accepts attachments, can receive and play @ctive Email messages. @ctiveMail customizes each message--changing text, graphics, animation or sound--according to the recipient's user profile in any ODBC- compliant database.

"In customer campaigns, @ctiveMail achieved an amazing 10 to 20 percent click- through rate, compared to the more common 2 percent achieved through traditional direct marketing and banner ads," Hazzan said.

Pricing for the @ctiveMail server product begins at $50,000 and is tiered, according to the number of e-mails sent per year. The company also offers @ctiveMail solutions on a campaign outsource basis. Clients such as CBS SportsLine and National Geographic have been conducting @ctive Email campaigns through Media Synergy's @ctive Email Services Group. An average campaign runs approximately $15,000, Hazzan said.