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SendFree Ad Exchange Lets Members Use Any Autoresponder

SendFree.com, operator of an autoresponder ad exchange, said it now will allow members to use any autoresponder from any source in conjunction with its system.

The move allows members to gain credit for free ads with all their autoresponders no matter where the autoresponder comes from, the company said.

"Many people have an autoresponder supplied by their Web host while others use autoresponders from various vendors. Now they can pull all those under the SendFree umbrella and get free ads when customers access their autoresponders," said Robert Charles, one of the founders of the project.

The new feature lets SendFree members use "smart" autoresponders to gain ad credits. These autoresponders send out a series of replies spaced over days or weeks. Members now receive ad credits for both the initial request and follow-up messages.

The new arrangement also allows members to get a SendFree address that can be permanently used for various autoresponders. This solves problems associated with changing addresses.

Every two times someone requests a member's autoresponder, they get one free ad sent with another SendFree member's autoresponder. "It's one of the Net's most effective models of cooperation," Charles said. "Your autoresponder displays an ad for another SendFree member while their autoresponder displays an ad for you."