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Hunger Site Lets Sponsors Promote Themselves and Do Good

Here's a cool and we hope helpful concept. At no cost to themselves, visitors to the Hunger Site can donate a free serving of rice, wheat, maize or other staple food to the hungry. The site's corporate sponsors pay for the donation.

Anyone on the Internet can make one free donation every day. Making a donation can be done with one click of the mouse. The donated food is distributed to hungry people throughout the world by international relief organizations, the operation said. The kind of food distributed depends on the country and situation.

We made a donation sponsored by HEART-TREX, marketer of a low-dose, extra-buffered aspirin plus magnesium for adult protection against heart attack. A link took us to the HEART-TREX site.

According to a Hunger Site representative, "If just a tiny fraction of Internet users take a few seconds each day to make a free donation, they will feed hundreds of thousands of people. And the number fed should increase as the Internet grows."

As they are making their donation, visitors to the Hunger Site view a World Hunger Map that shows the frequency and location of hunger-related deaths. Whenever a country on the map goes dim, it signifies a person dying of hunger in that country. A country goes dim about every four seconds. The map is based on statistics from the United Nations.

The site contains educational material about hunger, as well as links to other hunger organizations and resources on the Internet. It's unclear exactly who is operating the site, however.