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Cost-Per-Result Ad Channel Launches

Nothing but Net Results (NbNR)recently launched the "Sweet Spot," an Internet banner ad channel based only on cost per result.

The Sweet Spot is designed for direct marketers who require a fixed cost for advertising, the company said.

"Sweet Spot combines a huge banner inventory with rotation of offers to prevent burnout," said NbNR president Jerry Klein. "The advertising models with payment based on cost per thousand or cost per click place the risk with the advertiser. Sweet Spot doesn't cost a dime until the prospect actually orders a free sample, signs up for a free trial or in some way places an order and provides information."

Klein said Sweet Spot was created to provide advertisers access to hundreds of millions of unsold banner impressions.

At the heart of the NbNR system is a strategic alliance with San Francisco- based Flycast Communications. Using the Flycast Network of more than 600 sites, NbNR monitors the effectiveness of banners in real time and swaps effective banners for unproductive ones.

NbNR also provides banner creation, response page creation and order development services for advertisers.