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Paragraphics Launches "Clickable Coupons" Service

Paragraphics Advertising launched a "Clickable Coupons" service that "links to online merchant sites and offers substantial savings."

When a customer clicks on a coupon, offered at www.suzicoupon.com, the link takes them to a merchant site where the coupon may be applied to a purchase.

Participating merchants include shades.com, Great Flowers, Bed and Bath and eToys.

The site, which has been up since 1996, offers a multitude of other coupon services and links to coupon related sites. It also offers a free subscription to the Cybersaver's Coupon Newsletter and links to coupon exchange boards.

The site is currently attracting 80 to 100 new subscribers a day, said Paragraphics, a full service direct mail house that also offers printing services and Web site design, consulting and marketing services.