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CLIQNOW! Adds Sites to Network

CLIQNOW! Sales Group, a unit of 24/7 Media signed two new "flagship" Web sites to the CLIQNOW! Network, Curiocity's FreeZone and BoxerJam GameShows.

As flagship sites, FreeZone will serve as the premier Web site in CLIQNOW!'s children's channel, and BoxerJam GameShows will head up the network's new entertainment channel.

"We have two primary criteria we use in selecting flagship sites to anchor our high-demand content networks -- quality content and innovative advertising opportunities," said Scott Paternoster, president of CLIQNOW!. "BoxerJam GameShows and Curiocity's FreeZone are clearly leaders in both these areas."

BoxerJam develops and delivers real-time, multiplayer online gameshows through commercial online networks. During game breaks, players view intermercials, advertisements with the full action and sound of a television commercial. The site attracts an audience comprised largely of women, with 85 percent of the site's traffic delivered by AOL.

Curiocity's FreeZone, for children 8 to 14, offers kid-driven content and features such as stories, chat, homepages, and postcards. The site assigns specially trained adult monitors to all of its interactive features and uses a registration process that requires children to get parental permission before using those features.

Also signing with CLIQNOW! were Greeting-Cards.com, Screens & Themes, The Sync, User Friendly and Virtual Dog. Together, these new sites are expected to increase the CLIQNOW! Network's inventory by nearly 15 percent, the company said.