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Interactive Distributors Running EarthLink TV Spots

Interactive Distributors Inc. (IDI), which uses television promotional spots to drive viewers to interest-specific e-commerce and content Web sites, contracted with EarthLink to promote the EarthLink Sprint Internet access service.

Los Angeles-based IDI has placed a five-second tag at the end of its 15-second broadcast promotional spots. The EarthLink tag, which features the EarthLink logo, 800-customer contact number and voice-over, directs viewers to contact EarthLink for their Internet services. Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.

The IDI/EarthLink television promotional spot, which recently began airing, broadcasts an average of between four to six times per week on each of 36 participating television stations representing eight of the top 10 television markets.

The IDI/EarthLink television promotional spots are broadcast at the end of programming of specific interest to niche audiences. Viewers visiting their stations' Web sites find links to IDI Web sites that include related information, entertainment and shopping.

The IDI/EarthLink television spots also promote the IDI Web sites for Black History Network, Space Encounter and Kids Fun House.

"IDI's business plan is based on partnering with television stations to provide them with additional revenue streams through e-commerce and advertising sales," said Wilhelm Cashen, IDI chief executive officer. "We barter with these television stations for broadcast promotional time, and it is this inventory of television time that places us in a unique market position."