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SmartAge Launches 'Media Buyer' for Small Businesses

SmartAge Corp. said it launched a Media Buyer service that allows small and growing businesses to buy premium Web advertising "for less than the $1,000 to $3,000 minimum charged by most major sites."

The operation features special targeted ad inventory from Excite, community site The Palace and Talk City with additional inventory partners to be announced. Growing businesses can purchase advertising for as little as $100, the company said.

"SmartAge Media Buyer levels the marketing playing field," said William Lohse, president and CEO of SmartAge. "Now small businesses can afford to advertise along side much larger competitors. For our partners, SmartAge Media Buyer is an easy way to generate revenue and expand their customer base of small businesses, which are growing into the driving economic force for the 21st Century. We deliver new buyers and handle all the administrative details."

Through SmartAge, small businesses can purchase targeted key word ad delivery tied directly to an Excite visitors search. In less than five minutes, a SmartAge small business member can complete a customized ad buying process, selecting from a range of sites with a variety of targeting and pricing options, the company said. Once the ad purchase is complete, members can monitor and manage advertising campaigns across several sites from SmartAge Corner Office, a centralized management center.

SmartAge Corp. is an e-commerce and Web services company that offers a suite of 15 Web marketing services that includes SmartClicks, a free banner exchange.