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Avaterra.com Launches With AdObject Technology

Internet start-up Avaterra.com formally launched its new corporate name and demonstrated its AdObject technology for next-generation Internet advertising at the Web Attack conference in San Francisco.

Avaterra.com builds Internet communities -- in the form of virtual zones or "V-Zones" -- in partnership with a brand-name sponsors.

"AdObjects far surpass banner ads as a way for advertisers to deliver memorable ad impressions," said David Andrews, CEO and president of Avaterra.com. "By transforming static ad messages into branded virtual objects inside our V-Zones, we give targeted audiences a compelling reason to interact with and have fun with brands."

Avaterra.com was chosen as a corporate name to symbolize how avatar-based user interfaces will be the groundwork for the next generation of person-to-Web interaction. The company was formerly known as inworlds.com when it acquired a division of Fujitsu and began publicly trading in May of this year.