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Quote.com and Multex partner using i33's AdMaximize Technology

Multex and i33 communications, Multex's online advertising agency, have partnered with Quote.com to customize banner ads for individual investors visiting the Quote.com site.

i33 will develop Multex banners on the Quote.com site that are customized according to a user's ticker search. After requesting specific stock information, a Quote.com user can click on the customized banner and be linked to matching investment research provided by the Multex Investor Network.

To serve the banners, i33 will utilize its AdMaximize service, an online return-on-investment (ROI) tracking service.

"i33 developed dynamically generated ad banners to provide a more powerful link between consumers, Multex and Quote.com," said Drew Rayman, president, i33 communications. "Generating and serving customized creative further demonstrates the advantage of AdMaximize. By not being a shrink-wrapped product but a customizable consumer-action tracking service, i33's AdMaximize service can measure the effectiveness of any online promotion based on any ROI criteria."

"By linking the Multex Investor Network through i33's dynamically generated banner ads, we're more confident that our exclusive investment content is getting to the right people, namely Quote.com users," said Jim Tousignant, senior vice president, Multex. "i33's AdMaximize allows us to track the ROI for each dynamically generated banner."

i33's AdMaximize can serves an animated banner with the queried ticker symbol included in animated banner copy (For example, "What are the top analysts saying about XYZ Corp.?")

Quote.com users who click on the banner are taken to a customized Multex results page offering exclusive brokerage research reports on the queried ticker symbol AdMaximize records site registrations and purchase activity and reports data online for analysis

"The customized banners developed by i33. . . personalize creative for each user and it enables Quote.com users to have direct access to never-before available brokerage research from Multex," said Aaron Barnes, vice president of advertising sales at Quote.com. "This unique co-marketing alliance with Multex using i33's AdMaximize illustrates how the Internet allows us to work in concert to best meet the needs of the individual investor."

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

i33's AdMaximize 1.0, tracks banner ad performance, providing customized reports on clickthroughs, lead generation, customer acquisition and sales. Short for "advertising maximization," AdMaximize reports the number of people who interact or "click" on a banner ad and can track online purchases, allowing advertisers to make adjustments to particular ad creative or ad placements to improve campaign performance.

AdMaximize counts only "confirmed impressions," a metric that counts only the advertising creative that has fully loaded to a consumer's browser.