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Bannermatic One-for-One Ad Exchange Launched

Bondsmith Inc. launched the Bannermatic Ad Exchange service.

The patent-pending ad-exchange is a fully-automated, one-for-one banner exchange that allows Webmasters to offer a portion of their banner inventory for barter.

Designed as a traffic-building system for Web sites, Bannermatic, unlike other ad exchanges, does not automatically insert corporate sponsors in ad rotations. Rather, participating Webmasters retain complete control over their ad rotations and traffic trades are made only between mutually consenting sites, Bondsmith said.

"Bannermatic adds significantly to Bondsmith's already compelling value proposition," said Bondsmith's director of marketing, Aaron Maass. "By positioning ourselves as the only company that offers commercial-strength Internet advertising management with an industry leading ad-exchange solution, we think we can outpace companies such as DoubleClick, I/PRO and Link Exchange."

Setting up a Bondsmith Ad-Exchange on a Web site involves filling out a simple form and including some automatically generated HTML code on any page within the site. All trades are kept equal by the central Bondsmith ad server.

Pricing is free for the first month and then billing is based on a tiered monthly CPM scale starting at $4.95. This includes the ad-exchange where banners are shown, a personally customized link to their own banner exchange form, a placement in Bondsmith's Exchange Listings page where visiting Webmasters come to make banner trades with existing Bannermatic users, and access to Bondsmith's suite of online ad management tools.

Bondsmith's ad management tools include third-party Web site audits and bonds. Bonds infuse accountability, reporting, scheduling and rotation into banner advertising campaigns. All administration is accomplished online and no programming or installation is required, the company says.