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World Chambers Network Launches Marketer Service

The World Chambers Network in Paris launched e-Club, an interactive online marketing service designed to provide chamber members with targeted, global marketing and e-commerce opportunities.

The service enables subscribing chamber members to e-mail a business opportunity automatically to potential customers anywhere in the world who have already opted-in for selected categories. Subscribers also can verify with whom they are dealing.

e-Club's approach to e-commerce helps ensure that buyers or sellers of goods and services focus precisely where potential business exists in the vastness of cyberspace, the Chambers Network said.

e-Club is a special feature of the World Chambers Network (WCN), an Internet service built on the world Chambers of Commerce movement, which traces its roots to the trade guilds of Renaissance Europe. WCN offers an extensive business opportunities database, the Global Business eXchange, the Chambers of Commerce Registry and a trade resource library.

The consortium running WCN consists of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Trade Information Network of the UN/G77 Conference of Chambers of Commerce, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the International Business Network for World Commerce & Industry Ltd. (I*B NET).

The e-Club application and Global Business eXchange were developed and will be supported by IBM Global Services over the IBM Global Network.

Details of any product or service offered by an e-Club member are instantly e- mailed to other members with matching needs. Members can be buyers and sellers at the same time. For instance, a company that manufactures radios can actively offer them to prospective buyers while also receiving offers from component manufacturers.

Prospective purchasers can send e-Club advertisements that are automatically routed to all interested suppliers of the desired product, service or opportunity. WCN provides a digital electronic certificate to each member while IBM employs the latest encryption and other security technology to help keep vital business information secure and confidential, the network said.

"e-Club provides what advertisers have dreamed for years--the ability to reach only the people who are interested in their message," said Myrna Z. Weiss, chief executive officer of I*B NET, WCN's Managing Partner. "With e- Club, the recipient of the business opportunity now has the ability to respond to the advertisement with one click of a button, all for about $1 a day. And the recipient can view the company profile before responding."